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We are working in the new logo of Lord Drake Kustoms

Our collaboration with Lord Drake Kustoms comes from very far away. It was in 2008 when we made his first brand image and his first web page.

Throughout the years, our collaboration has not stopped, trusting us to develop a multitude of alternative projects, as is the case of its LDK clothing brand.

Now, we are proud to announce that we are working to redesign all of his corporate image. This work will entail a total re-adaptation of his brand in different versions. In this way, the logo will adapt to both digital and physical formats, including different versions for the different parts of his motorcycles.

We will continue informing you about this.

The new Fran Manen website

Fran Manen is the owner and founder of Lord Drake Kustoms, a company that creates the most fantastic custom bikes of the world.

With a long career and a multitude of awards in his power, Fran Manen has managed to position himself as one of the most important customizers of motorcycles at an international level.

To further promote his personal brand, he contacted us to create a web page. In this, you should see clearly his career, including his biography, photo gallery, videos, press, news and his curriculum vitae of awards.

We know that Fran is delighted with the result, and from here we invite you to visit his brand new page.

Branding Builders launches new website and logo

Branding Builders is back and does it big. If you are reading this you will have noticed that we have released our new website.

A website that we hope you like and that facilitates access to our contents.

In addition, we have also created and presented our new logo, which we have simplified giving more importance to the word “brand”, which defines us and we want to continue contributing meaning with our work.


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