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17 October, 2019
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17 October, 2019 admin

Metalcolors - powdercoating

We have recently worked on the new Metalcolors logo, a Spanish company specialized in powdercoating.

We have also updated its website, incorporating new elements and making it more current, adapted to mobile devices.

With facilities in Madrid and Malaga, Metalcolors offers a wide range of services for individuals and companies. In addition, they have extensive experience, since they were formed in the US where this type of paint application is most used in sectors such as automotive or nautical.

Powdercoating is ideal for restoration, modification and customization of motorcycle parts. The application in parts such as chassis, tires, spokes, screws, suspension bottles, springs, handlebars and a long etc… is essential to achieve a correct finish. In addition, it provides a hardness and resistance that traditional painting does not give.

The magic of powdercoating is the finishes. There are many types, such as smooth, rough, metallic effects, glitters, matt, chrome, textures, etc … Currently they have 250 finishes and effects in stock and more than 6,000 on request.



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